About Us

in 2016, Tony and Jessica never imagined they would be hemp farmers and cannabis retailers.

After Jessica suffered a catastrophic arm fracture in a violent accident later in 2016, this injury left her with a DVT blood clot and severe nerve damage. The damage was so severe her left wrist was paralyzed for four months. 

Long after the fracture healed, and movement returned, the nerve pain continued as a constant ache that was unresponsive to medication, therapy, acupuncture treatment, or massage.  It was something Jessica learned to live with until a vacation trip to Oregon, where cannabis is legal, changed everything.

A dispensary sold Jessica some CBD lotion, and within 30 seconds of application to the angry nerve, the pain disappeared for the first time in 8 months.  Smokeable cannabis also lent relief to the recovering arm, as did CBD capsules.

By now Tony and Jessica were both interested in cannabis and its benefits, but they discovered that the industry is not well regulated.  They wanted to grow a pesticide free plant that is then processed into a reliable product of the utmost quality and integrity, and they have succeeded!

Endocannabis Company Hemp Products are:

Along with being a Certified National horse show judge, Jessica has professionally trained and shown Arabian horses on a National level for 25 years. Her 2016 arm injury threatened to end the career she loves. Hemp products played a big role in restoring her strength, functionality and comfort. Jessica continues to compete at the highest and most physically demanding level. Check out Jessicacoletrainingstables.com for your horse training and riding needs.

Jessica and Miranda at 2017 Canadian Nationals.